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Hormone Replacement Therapy Center in Charleston and Charlotte - Better Life Carolinas



Better Life Carolinas will help you fight father time with hormone replacement therapy, customized nutrition and exercise plans.


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# Hormone Replacement Therapy Center in Charleston and CharlotteBetter Life Carolinas  * Facebook  * Google+  * LinkedIn  * Pinterest  * TwitterConsultations843-737-2597Existing Patients 843-577-8484  * Home  * About    * About Better Life    * Meet Our Team    * Executive Health Program    * Specialty Testing Options & Descriptions    * Why Choose the Precision Health Evaluation  * The 4 Keys  * Men    * Precision Health Evaluation    * Hormone Balance      * Low Testosterone Symptoms      * Hormone Assessment for HRT      * Bioidentical Hormones      * Adrenal Function Panel    * Erectile Dysfunction      * Priapus Shot ED Treatment      * GAINSWave® ED Treatment    * Nutritional Supplements      * Better Life Nutritional Supplements    * Fitness & Metabolism      * Exercising Test      * Body Composition Scan      * Resting Metabolic Rate    * Heart Health      * Cardiovascular Risk Screening    * Genetics      * Tell-All Genetic Testing    * Gut Health      * Food Sensitivity Test      * GI Effects      * Nutrigenomics    * Aesthetics      * BOTOX®      * JUVEDERM®      * PRP Hair Loss Treatment      * Vampire Facials    * Peptides    * Better Boost IV  * Women    * Precision Health Evaluation    * Hormone Balance      * Hormone Assessment for HRT      * Bioidentical Hormones      * Adrenal Function Panel    * Sexual Health & Rejuvenation      * Urinary Incontinence      * Viveve Vaginal Rejuvenation      * Orgasm Shot (O-Shot)    * Nutritional Supplements      * Better Life Nutritional Supplements    * Fitness & Metabolism      * Exercising Test      * Body Composition Scan      * Resting Metabolic Rate    * Heart Health      * Cardiovascular Risk Screening    * Genetics      * Tell-All Genetic Testing    * Gut Health      * Food Sensitivity Test      * GI Effects      * Nutrigenomics    * Aesthetics      * BOTOX®      * JUVEDERM®      * PRP Hair Loss Treatment      * Vampire Facials    * Peptides    * Better Boost IV  * Specials  * Blog  * Contact  *   *   *   *   *   *   * #### Scripts    # Hormone Replacement Therapy Center in Charleston, SC and Charlotte, NC## Age Management & Hormone Therapy  Aging affects us all in many different ways. At Better Life Carolinas, wefight father time with specific bioidentical hormone replacement therapy,customized nutrition, and exercise plans. Our Better Life program, by Dr.Barber, empowers patients with information about their health and wellness andputs a plan in place for success. Your greatest asset is your health. BetterLife wants to partner with you to make the right choices for optimal health.Taking medication to treat disease is reactionary. The real focus should be onlifestyle changes. Most of us know we need to lose weight, exercise, eatbetter, and quit smoking. Unfortunately, very few of us understand how to getout of the rut we tend to fall into. Our experienced team will design customprograms to empower you to make this life change for the long haul.    Get in touch with our team of medical professionals today to learn more aboutthe comprehensive age management services we offer in Mount Pleasant andthroughout Charleston, South Carolina, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Ifyou're ready to live a more youthful, energetic life, please call and schedulea free consultation.    More About Our HRT Clinics    ### HRT for Renee MacDonaldHRTAug 16, 2019★★★★★ recommend making an appointment if you want to live, feel, look better. Whyworry yourself about getting older or feeling better, let Better LifeCarolinas take the guesswork out of how to look and feel your best. Theamazing Doctors and staff will only have you questioning “why didn’t I do thissooner”Renee MacDonaldRenee MacDonald### HRT for Todd BjurHRTJul 19, 2019★★★★★ service and care. They will change your life!Todd BjurTodd Bjur### HRT for Sonny LongHRTJul 17, 2019★★★★★ Barber and her staff are the BEST!Sonny LongSonny Long### HRT for Tammy StuppnigHRTMay 14, 2019★★★★★ Life Carolinas program has turned back the clock and changed my lifeforever. It is impossible to even list all the benefits I have received!Tammy StuppnigTammy Stuppnig### Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Matthew R.Testosterone Replacement TherapyMay 9, 2019★★★★★ Barber is a leading expert in men's health in the Charleston area and Iwould highly recommend her practice Better Life Carolinas.Matthew R.Matthew R.### GAINSWave for Bob B.GAINSWaveMay 9, 2019★★★★★ “Gains Wave” treatment has worked wonders for me. I feel confident inmyself once again!Bob B.Bob B.### GAINSWave Treatment for John BGAINSWave TreatmentMay 9, 2019★★★★★ am a 64 year old man that has been married to an amazing woman for 46 years.We have enjoyed our intimate life and retain a very healthy physicalattraction to each other. My ability to perform began to wane, and I soughthelp using hormone replacement and medication, such as Viagra or Cialis. Thishelped, but eventually dropped to a point I could barely perform.I beganhearing about the GAINSWave treatment on the radio, and decided to do furtherresearch. I understood the science behind the GAINSWave treatments and how thewaves can correct flow problems. I contacted "better life" who was veryhelpful in explaining the process, and I scheduled my first six treatments. Iwas nervous at the first session, but the doctor was informative before andduring the process. WOW! I noticed significant improvement by the thirdtreatment, and things were definitely looking up again. I see why they call itGAINSWave. Guys, do this for her!John BJohn B### Health and Age Management for Mary I.Health and Age ManagementApr 10, 2019★★★★★ few years ago my husband and I decided to begin a pro-active approach to ourhealth as we grow older. We particularly wanted to monitor our mental andphysical fitness in order to catch, and treat, any issues early. Dr. Barberand her team have provided the guidance and tools to accomplish this, and havehelped us make some very positive changes to improve our well being.Mary I.Mary I. - Charleston SC### Viveve Treatment for Donna E.Viveve TreatmentApr 9, 2019★★★★★ absolutely loved my visit here. The Doctor and staff was very nice and Ifelt very comfortable here. The procedure I had done for incontinence totallymade my life so much better. Thank youDonna E.Donna E.### Better Boost I.V. for Sara S.Better Boost I.V.Apr 9, 2019★★★★★’ve received several treatments here, but my favorite are the immunityboosting IV’s. I feel amazing after them, and would recommend them to anyoneduring flu season and also before traveling. I can’t wait to return for anaesthetic treatment, as they offer many options! The staff couldn’t be morefriendly, and the atmosphere of their office is very calming. Better Life willtreat you like family, and that’s hard to find! You’re never too old or tooyoung to take control of your health.Sara S.Sara S.### Viveve for Angie B.ViveveApr 5, 2019★★★★★ did I know a simple painless procedure called Viveve performed by BetterLife Carolinas last April was going to drastically improve my intimate life!Before Viveve, I avoided intimacy with my partner because it was dry andpainful no matter how much lubricant was used. Since Viveve I no longer needlubricant. Thanks to the tightening, and drastically improved sensations andsensitivity that have been restored, my partner and I are enjoying intimacyonce again like we did in our youth! All women should have this done! Let theprofessionals at Better Life Carolinas help you get your groove back!Angie B.Angie B. - Mount Pleasant SC### Viveve Vaginal Rejuvenation for Donna E.Viveve Vaginal RejuvenationApr 3, 2019★★★★★ will love this office, starting with the Dr. to all the staff. Everyonetreats you like family. The procedure I had done has helped so much with myincontinence. Thank youDonna E.Donna E. - Charleston SC### Hormone Replacement Therapy for Wesley And Liz S.Hormone Replacement TherapyOct 5, 2018★★★★★ Barber and her staff are wonderful! Dr. Barber has helped me over the lasttwo years to balance my hormones and I have never felt or looked better! It issuch a relief to know that there is somebody who understands and who iswilling to take the time and patience to make things "right" again in one'sbody. Thank you Dr. Barber!Wesley And Liz S.Wesley And Liz S. - Mount Pleasant SC### HRT for D. FuhrmannHRTMay 9, 2018★★★★★ Barber and staff are the best. Highly recommend them.D. FuhrmannD. Fuhrmann### HRT for Kris AdairHRTMay 9, 2018★★★★★ finally feel as if I'm on a path to maintain every aspect of my health andaging needs. They take the time to understand how your are feeling and workwith you by providing the necessary solutions to correct any issues that existor may come up in the future. It's a dynamic approach to my whole health care- one that I know will be ever evolving as my needs change.Kris AdairKris Adair    ## Schedule Your Free Consultation with Dr. Mickey Barber## Living ItDr. Barber not only teaches her patients about hormonal balance, but alsopractices such balance herself. She placed second in a Masters figurecompetition at age 48 and is a living example of the benefits of the program.    In 2012, Dr. Barber was awarded the top honor in her field and presented withthe Alan P. Mintz award for Clinical Excellence in Age Management Medicine.    Meet the Team## Age Management & Hormone Therapy Tailored for You## Men’s Health & Age ManagementJust like you need a financial plan for a successful future, your body alsoneeds a road map for success. We cannot turn back the hands of time, but wecan certainly make the aging process a healthy one. It’s never too early ortoo late, so if you believe you may be feeling the effects of low testosteronethere’s no better time to start your success story than right now. Our team ofmedical professionals, hormone specialists, and nutritionists will workclosely with you to develop a successful game plan.## Women’s Health & Age ManagementAs women age and struggle with the effects of aging, it’s critical to restorehormonal balance to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with improved energy. BetterLife will guide you with a balanced approach so you can live the life you wantto live. If you’re interested in renewed energy, feeling sexy when you look inthe mirror, and maybe getting back into your favorite skinny jeans it’s timeto reach out to Better Life. We’ll set up a plan for a healthier, happier youthat’ll have you sleeping like a baby again.## The 4 keys to a better youBetter Life offers an easy-to-comprehend approach to age management andwellness where patients partner with their doctor for amazing results.Together we navigate a realistic, doable plan of action that can change yourlife.    Learn More About the 4 Keys to a Better You## Schedule Your Free Anti-Aging ConsultationIf you’re ready to live a more youthful, energetic better life, please call usat 843.737.2597 to schedule a consultation or register below and we’ll be intouch soon! It’s never too late, or too early.  * Facebook  * Google+  * LinkedIn  * Pinterest  * Twitter### Better Life in CharlestonBetter Life Carolinas260 W Coleman Blvd.  Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464Consultations: 843-737-2597Existing Patients: 843-577-8484    ### Better Life in CharlotteBetter Life Carolinas7221 Pineville Matthews Rd., Unit 200  Charlotte, NC 28226Consultations: 843-737-2597Existing Patients: 843-577-8484    (C) 2019 Better Life Carolinas | TOS/Privacy Policydocument.addEventListener('wpcf7mailsent', function( event ) { try { __ctm.tracker.trackEvent("", " ","form"); __ctm.tracker.popQueue(); } catch(e) { console.log(e); } }, false);jQuery( ".home-middle-2" ).addClass( "background parallax fullscreen" );jQuery( ".home-middle-2" ).attr( "data-img-width", 1500 ); jQuery( ".home-middle-2" ).attr( "data-img-height", 729 ); jQuery( ".home-middle-2" ).attr("data-diff", 130 ); jQuery( ".home-middle-3" ).addClass( "background parallaxfullscreen" ); jQuery( ".home-middle-3" ).attr( "data-img-width", 1500 );jQuery( ".home-middle-3" ).attr( "data-img-height", 1000 ); jQuery( ".home-middle-3" ).attr( "data-diff", 130 ); /* detect touch */ if("ontouchstart" inwindow){ document.documentElement.className =document.documentElement.className + " touch"; }if(!jQuery("html").hasClass("touch")){ /* background fix */jQuery(".parallax").css("background-attachment", "fixed"); } /* fix verticalwhen not overflow call fullscreenFix() if .fullscreen content changes */function fullscreenFix(){ var h = jQuery('body').height(); // set .fullscreenheight jQuery(".content-b").each(function(i){ if(jQuery(this).innerHeight() >h){ jQuery(this).closest(".fullscreen").addClass("overflow"); } }); }jQuery(window).resize(fullscreenFix); fullscreenFix(); /* resize backgroundimages */ function backgroundResize(){ var windowH = jQuery(window).height();jQuery(".background").each(function(i){ var path = jQuery(this); // variablesvar contW = path.width(); var contH = path.height(); var imgW =path.attr("data-img-width"); var imgH = path.attr("data-img-height"); varratio = imgW / imgH; // overflowing difference var diff =parseFloat(path.attr("data-diff")); diff = diff ? diff : 0; // remainingheight to have fullscreen image only on parallax var remainingH = 0;if(path.hasClass("parallax") && !jQuery("html").hasClass("touch")){ var maxH =contH > windowH ? contH : windowH; remainingH = windowH - contH; } // set imgvalues depending on cont imgH = contH + remainingH + diff; imgW = imgH *ratio; // fix when too large if(contW > imgW){ imgW = contW; imgH = imgW /ratio; } // path.data("resized-imgW", imgW); path.data("resized-imgH", imgH);path.css("background-size", imgW + "px " + imgH + "px"); }); }jQuery(window).resize(backgroundResize);jQuery(window).focus(backgroundResize); backgroundResize(); /* set parallaxbackground-position */ function parallaxPosition(e){ var heightWindow =jQuery(window).height(); var topWindow = jQuery(window).scrollTop(); varbottomWindow = topWindow + heightWindow; var currentWindow = (topWindow +bottomWindow) / 2; jQuery(".parallax").each(function(i){ var path =jQuery(this); var height = path.height(); var top = path.offset().top; varbottom = top + height; // only when in range if(bottomWindow > top &&topWindow < bottom){ var imgW = path.data("resized-imgW"); var imgH =path.data("resized-imgH"); // min when image touch top of window var min = 0;// max when image touch bottom of window var max = - imgH + heightWindow; //overflow changes parallax var overflowH = height < heightWindow ? imgH -height : imgH - heightWindow; // fix height on overflow top = top - overflowH;bottom = bottom + overflowH; // value with linear interpolation var value =min + (max - min) * (currentWindow - top) / (bottom - top); // set background-position var orizontalPosition = path.attr("data-oriz-pos"); orizontalPosition= orizontalPosition ? orizontalPosition : "50%"; jQuery(this).css("background-position", orizontalPosition + " " + value + "px"); // console.log(min); //console.log(max); // console.log(currentWindow); // console.log(bottom); //console.log(top); // console.log(value); } }); }if(!jQuery("html").hasClass("touch")){jQuery(window).resize(parallaxPosition);//jQuery(window).focus(parallaxPosition);jQuery(window).scroll(parallaxPosition); parallaxPosition(); }